New Feature in Jan 2012 - Banning Players
We can now effectively ban players and will implement this functionality in Jan 2012.


Every player has a unique Battle.Net signature that can be extracted to ID them. This is part of a player's Battle.Net login and them deleting or modifying their Bank file will not compromise this ID system. They can only 'bypass' a Ban if they buy another Battle.Net account.

What Does It Mean?

  • We can ban a unique individual (e.g. we can ban a 'Fluffy' on NA server, and another legit 'Fluffy' on NA server can still play without any issues)
  • We can possibly prevent players from sharing bank files

How Will a Ban Work?

Tentatively, a ban will be a 1 month ban where players will not be allowed to select characters in the class selection screen. This is not final and is open to community feedback.

How Will Someone Get Banned?

A player can only be banned if the server moderator (i.e. Yorrick for EU Server players, Shooz for NA Server players) and 2 Dev Team members agree to it. Without the consent of all 3, this will not move forward.

Who Should Be Banned?

This is a tough call, and a ban should be used only as an absolute last resort. Some possible examples of ban targets include:

  • Players with extremely disruptive game behavior (intentional grieving to general community members)
  • Confirmed hackers (players with stats we know for a fact doesn't make sense)

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