NOTD Update - Nov 2010 (Month 3)
Completion Stage: 15%

We've completed most the objectives we've set out to do in Month 2 - the upgraded save system is still pending.

We're finishing our infrastructure development phase this month and will soon transition to polishing. One of the big changes will be coming later is the creation of 3 story arcs in NOTD. You'll be able to play as Easy Company, Bravo Company or the Apollo Security Team. This will help us improve variability in the game.

Key Work Completed

- All Class Talents complete
- Refined Chapter 2
- Basic Chapter 3
- Improved Team UI

Priorities for November

- Upgraded Save System
- Complete Easy Company storyline
- Begin work on Bravo Company storyline
- Medals/Achievements
- Stat Customization

Vision For the Final Game

- Completion by June 2011
- Reference-quality SC2 map
- Best & most popular survival map on SC2

Help Needed from Community

- Continue giving specific & actionable feedback
- Like Us on Facebook
NOTD Development Schedule - November 4 (2010)
NOTD will be developed over 1 year. You can help by focusing your suggestions for the appropriate stage of our development (e.g. keep any aesthetic ideas for our polishing phase). After this time, we will run maintenance updates on NOTD and may start development on a new Competitive FPS mod called NOTD: Black Ops. We may decide to move our development platform to the iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Phase 1: Infrastructure (Jul-Jan'11)

- Basic game engine (ammo system, ailments)
- All class talents
- Complete 3 Storylines (Easy Company, Alpha Company, Apollo Security Team)
- Basic Zombies/Bosses
- Basic NOTD UI

Phase 2: Polishing (Feb-May'11)

- Story
- Terrain (complete re-design)
- Visuals/Environment
- Advanced NOTD UI
- Special Features (gunship support, advanced boss fights, etc)
- Medals/Achievements/Rank Bonuses
- Pacing (game lasts around 60 mins)
- Custom models

Phase 3: Balancing (Jun-Jul'11)

- All classes play a role in final game
- Game is challenging for players at all skill levels
NOTD Medal Requirements
- Medals in NOTD will be team-oriented (E.g. we won't have 'get 200 kills yourself'). The only fun/solo medal is Bronze Star.
- You earn medals when you collect 10 medal points (criteria listed below)
- Medals tracking only works when you play with more than 1 player
- You can earn multiple levels on each medal. Medal #2 onwards take on Nightmare requirements for all 10 points
- When you reach Level 3 for each Medal, you permanently gain 1 Stat Point
- REVISE: All Level 1+2 medals require normal mode. Level 3 medals require Nightmare mode (except for Combat Action Ribbon)

1 - Combat Action Ribbon

- Win NOTD 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50 times

2 - Lifesaving Medal

- Win as Medic (10x)

3 - Bronze Star

- Kill 50 units with your Pet (10x)

4 - Silver Star

- Win with 8 Marines (10x)

5 - Legion of Merit

- Rescue 50 civilians (10x)

6 - Distinguished Service Medal

- Win with entire team not getting hit by a single Baneling/Clickling (10x)

7 - Navy Cross

- Win with entire team not using a single Medkit/Bandage (10x)

8- Expeditionary Medal

- Win with entire team of 8 players using a different class each (10x)

9 - Superior Service Medal

- Complete 20 Waves in Survival mode (10x)

10 - Medal of Honor

- Win Nightmare 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50 times with entire team alive (min 3 players)