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This mission will start immediately after finishing off Erebos. A cutscene will trigger showing a Nydus Worm guarded by an Agron. You will then have four indicators on the mini-map and 7 minutes to complete the mission. In Recruit Mode, only two Nydus Worms will spawn but you will only get 4 minutes to complete the mission. The Nydus Worms will disappear if not killed in time when the Dropship arrives if the game is in Recruit Mode.

Often, players will pause the game to collect their thoughts and establish an order, as this portion is noticeably more chaotic than most sections of the campaign. Typically players will try to form a single route that will cover all the Nydus worms and end close to the "fort" in the upper right portion of the map.

Occasionally, a particularly skilled player, or a high level Predator will elect to go alone and kill a worm that doesn't fit the rest of the teams route. The Commando's Tactical Nuke and Forward Observer's Fire Mission are incredibly useful during this mission, as they are able to target and kill worms from virtually any point on the map. The Worms will continue to spawn troops until killed, making quick completion of this mission vital.

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