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Character Portrait
Ogilvy P
Character Model
In Game Information
Health: 350
Armor: Unknown
Move Speed: Unknown
Weapon: Shotgun & Crowbar
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Relations & Family: Unknown

Ogilvy is a civilian that can be found as part of the side mission find Ogilvy. It begins at the start of any campaign and is technically completed if the players achieve victory and Ogilvy survives. He will award the players with a single bonus Experience for his survival.

Ogilvy was, prior to the outbreak, a renowned metallurgist who helped create the power "Safeguard" Class Power Armor used by many Assaults.

The man has armed himself with none other than his personal 590A5 Combat Shotgun and a Crowbar from his work. He boasts incredible health, health regeneration rate (22hp/sec) and stamina and almost never requires medical assistance. It should be noted whichever player initially finds Ogilvy will receive any experience he earns through his kills. This is because Ogilvy cannot Level Up, and the player who finds him is tied to him via the mission. Should his guardian player die, Ogilvy will follow the highest rank living player.

Ogilvy is not present on every campaign, as difficulty increases, the chances he is replaced by Ivan Plushenko is increased. Ogilvy will never appear in the Apollo Security Team Campaign. It should be noted that Ogilvy doesn't wield his shotgun in Recruit Mode.

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