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Reaper (Pathfinder)
Class Information
Class Name: Pathfinder
Base Health: 80
Health Regen: 0.1015
Base Armor: 0
Base Shields: 100
Shield Regen: 1.75
Shield Armor: 2
Base Energy: 85
Energy Regen: 1.2
Sight Range: 10
Move Speed: 2.65
Weight Class: Light
Inventory Slots: 4
Modification Slots: 2
Starting Skill(s): N/A



Derived from the original Airborne Corps, the Pathfinders are the rapid response troops that go above and beyond "rapid", adhering to the creed that "where" is more important than "how many". They constantly patrol, looking for places to deploy at the slightest hint of danger. A large portion of the deployments of the past have been false alarms, but there have been times where the rapid response of the UGC Pathfinders has saved the lives of many. They are trained extensively in the use of light weapons and equipped with them as their primary weapon to make their insertions faster and smoother, and also equipped with personal propulsion systems so that they may maintain a high mobility profile.

Innate AbilitiesEdit

Personal Propulsion System Passive

  • The Pathfinder is equipped with a jetpack to increase his mobility. As a result of not touching the ground, he is not slowed by creep. However, it is extremely fragile, and prone to exploding or going haywire after sustaining damage.

Personal Shield Generator Passive

  • To compensate for the fragility issue of the jetpack and also keep himself relatively light to maintain maneuverability, the Pathfinder employs an advanced shield generator to increase his durability to more survivable levels.



Tier 1Edit

Trick ShotEdit

The Pathfinder angles his shots so they ricochet between enemy targets. Will not bounce to the same target repeatedly. Only compatible with the P-45 Gauss Pistol. Passive

Level 1 – Pistol attacks bounce 1 time
Level 2 – Pistol attacks bounce 2 times
Level 3 – Pistol attacks bounce 3 times

Fast FiveEdit

(E) - Using superior reflexes and skill, the Pathfinder fires off five shots within a tenth of a second. Unusable if less than 5 rounds of ammo in the current magazine. 20 energy cost, no cooldown. Only compatible with the P-45 Gauss Pistol.

Level 1 – Shots do 10% additional damage
Level 2 – Shots do 20% additional damage
Level 3 – Shots do 30% additional damage

Tier 2Edit

Handgun ExpertiseEdit

The Pathfinder's proficiency level with the P-45 Gauss Pistol is that of an expert, and as a result, he gains increased range and damage. Passive

Level 1 – Increases range by 3, Damage by 6, and increases armor penetration by 0.5
Level 2 – Increases range by 6, Damage by 12, and increases armor penetration by 1

Shoot to MaimEdit

(W) - The Pathfinder uses precise aim in his attacks to cripple enemy targets, but in doing so, he no longer aims to ricochet his shots. Toggle, no energy activation cost, 1.5 energy per attack.

Level 1 - +10% damage, each Maim stack slows by 5%, maximum stack of 3
Level 2 - +20% damage, each Maim stack slows by 7.5%, maximum stack of 3

Tier 3Edit

Invaders Must DieEdit

Back into the groove of using his honed abilities instead of sitting around and waiting for deployment, the Pathfinder unlocks once more his full potential and returns to his previous height of skill. Passive

Level 1 – Previous abilities that are fully upgraded gain an additional level.

Trick ShotEdit

Level 4 – Attacks bounce 4 times

Fast FiveEdit

Level 4 – Shots do 40% additional damage

Handgun ExpertiseEdit

Level 3 – Increases range by 9, Damage by 18, and increases armor penetration by 1.5

Shoot to MaimEdit

Level 3 - +30% damage, each Maim stack slows by 10%, maximum stack of 4



Tier 1Edit

Assault JumpEdit

(?) - Utilizing his jetpack, the Pathfinder takes to the skies and then slams down on enemies, dealing a large amount of damage. However, the jetpack overheats quickly, and the Pathfinder is limited in the amount of jumps that he can make in a period of time. Completing a jump kicks up a great deal of dust, almost completely cloaking the Pathfinder from sight for a short time. 15 energy cost, no cooldown

Level 1 –150 damage, 6 range, AOE 3, grants 80% evasion for 1 second
Level 2 – 300 damage, 7 range, AOE 3.5, grants 85% evasion for 2 seconds
Level 3 –450 damage, 8 range, AOE 4, grants 90% evasion for 3 seconds

Full ThrottleEdit

(?) - The Pathfinder engages the afterburner on his propulsion system and surges forward with a great burst of speed. Given his light frame and extreme agility he can also weave his way past even densely clustered enemies. Upgrades the base Sprint ability. Removes collision when active.

Level 1 – 70% movespeed increase
Level 2 – 105% movespeed increase
Level 3 – 140% movespeed increase

Tier 2Edit

Coming in HotEdit

The Pathfinder opens the throttle wider for jumps, increasing the damage that he does with Assault Jumps and setting enemies ablaze upon landing. Passive

Level 1 – Assault Jump deals 25 additional damage, disorientates enemies which slows attack and movespeed by 30% for 2 seconds, and applies a stacking burning DOT.
Level 2 – Assault Jump deals 50 additional damage, disorientates enemies which slows attack and movespeed by 60% for 3 seconds, and applies a stacking burning DOT.

Improved Coolant LinesEdit

The Pathfinder upgrades his jetpack with an improved coolant distribution system, increasing its overall performance and allowing him to make jumps more often. Passive

Level 1 – Assault Jumps are produced 7.5 seconds faster, energy regen is increased by .35/sec, and the minimum range for Assault Jump is reduced by 1.5
Level 2 – Assault Jumps are produced 15 seconds faster, energy regen is increased by .7/sec, and the minimum range for Assault Jump is removed.

Tier 3Edit

No QuarterEdit

(?) - The Pathfinder ascends high into the sky, and comes slamming down with unparalleled force, dealing massive amounts of damage. If the Pathfinder lands directly on top of a foe, his Emergency Savior System activates, granting him brief invulnerability. Deals triple damage to bosses. 40 energy cost, 1.5 minute cooldown, 12 range.

Level 1 – 1,000 damage within a radius of 2, 800 damage within a radius of 4, 600 damage within a radius of 6, 400 damage within a radius of 8. If an enemy is struck with the 1,000 damage marker, the Pathfinder becomes invulnerable for 4 seconds.
Note: There is a large probability that whatever unit you use No Quarter on will at least hit you once before hand. Use with caution.

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