Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Hair Color:
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Ramirez is not one to be with a group, preferring to either be alone, or with his girlfriend that no one has ever seen. He is known to have a low self esteem through various comments, and many are either geared towards agitating you to make him feel better. He wakes up every day feeling that this day will be the day he dies. Every day he was wrong, even during the outbreak he managed, by some stroke of luck, to avoid death. Then one fateful day it happened. He would be shot, stabbed or blown up by a marine that he yelled at. Perhaps instead of a marine, he was put near the mechanical monstrosity that is known as Seth. Regardless of how he died, or why, he wakes up after the death, remembering the pain. Each day he dies he wakes up the next day, remembering all of the details. Forever dying, forever living, always suffering.

Item Drops & PercentagesEdit

Item Drop Percentage
Magazines 84.5%
Ammo Box 10%
Helium-3 4%
Barrett M112 1%
XM814 HMG .5%

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