Ranks are gameplay milestones earned by gaining set amounts of Experience, they provide several in game benefits such as more Stats, a stronger Combat Knife, and unlocking more Classes. Ranks also serve as the unlock barriers for the additional campaigns. Alpha Company requires all players be at least Corporals with 1000 Experience, and the Apollo Security Team requires all players be at least a Sergeant with 3000 Experience. As ranks become higher they become increasingly difficult to unlock, making those players who have legitimately attained them all the more prestigious.

Rank ListEdit

Rank NameExperience Required
Private First Class100
Staff Sergeant5,000
Sergeant Major10,000
2nd Lieutenant20,000
1st Lieutenant30,000
Lieutenant Colonel80,000
Brigadier General160,000
Major General200,000
Lieutenant General250,000
General of the Army350,000
Master of the Universe1,000,000

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