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The players will start the campaign separated into two teams. The game auto-balances so an even number are in Team A and B, or as close to even as possible. The games takes players at odd slots for team A and even slots for team B (considering there aren't any disconnects).

Team A will start near the Reactor Core, and Team B will start just north of Bio-Dome A. Team A must quickly work their way across the map, dodging Agrons and Zombies, getting to Team B as quickly as possible. They must be wary, three Huggers will appear at one of the Airlock exits to lay an ambush, and must be dealt with first. Meanwhile team B will have to stick together and stand their ground. They mustn't venture into the city, doing so will awaken a horde of Ghouls. A Tartarus also lies dormant in Apollo, and will attack if anyone approaches it. Both teams should ignore any Infestors they come across, for they are too poorly equipped and low level to deal with them. The Zombie Eggs that an enraged Infestor lays will produce enough Banelings to quickly kill several players. If team A does not arrive and unlock the gates quick enough, a horde of Stalkers will begin to arrive and team B will surely be overrun and killed.

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