During the cleansing of Apollo, Dr. Bergmann will inform you that there are still civilians trapped throughout the city that need rescue. You are instructed to bring any survivors you find to the Containment Facility on the eastern edge of the map. There are roughly a dozen hexagons scattered around the city. Periodically a green arrow will hover over one followed by an audio cue. You must find this arrow and then escort the civilians to safety. There are a few ways to root out the arrows. First, placing sonic traps or mines on the hexes will give a small area of sight, allowing a Demolition or Rifleman to manually scan the city for civilians. Also the Surveillance Recon's Heartbeat Sensor will reveal the arrow. However, these classes are ill suited to the actual rescue. The best class for this job is the Mobility Recon. Refresher provides near unlimited energy, cloak keeps the recon safe, and escape protects the civilians. It is extremely important to make sure the Generators were powered up and the city doors are open, or rescue will be nigh impossible. For every 10 civilians rescued your team receives and experience reward, with a bonus given if all 60 are saved.

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