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Combat Shield
In Game Appearance
Riot Shield
Item Information
Item Name: Riot Shield
Rarity: Rare
Influences: Armor
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 1
Weight: 5

The Riot Shield is the standard issue bonded trinium and carbon fiber shield used by Apollo Security Forces. It is typically used in times of civil unrest to subdue rioting populations. Compliance Nexuses have made the need for Riot Shields nearly nonexistent, but it remains a standard piece of gear that all security forces are trained to use.

The Riot Shield is used by frontline security forces to absorb attacks from makeshift weaponry and small arms fire while the rest of the security team subdues the uprising. It increases the defense of the user, giving them 5 damage resist per hit. However, the Riot Shield is a cumbersome piece of equipment, making it more difficult to wield a weapon while using. As a result, the user's attack speed is reduced by 5%. It also has a weight 10 points.

One Riot Shield will drop in the first chapter of each Campaign, which can be found in the Armory. The exception to this is Survival, where a second shield will drop after round 20. Only one shield can be used effectively at a time. Therefore, multiple shields do not stack.

Reduce incoming damage by 5
Reduces attack speed by 5%
Stacks with all Armors
Only 1 shield can be used at a time
10 weight points