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In Game Appearance
Road Flares
Item Information
Item Name: Road Flares
Rarity: Uncommon
Influences: Vision
Bundle Size: 3
Maximum Stack: 12
Weight: N/A

Road Flares are a valuable utility item that's usefulness increases alongside difficulty. Flares serve as one of the few sources of both shared vision and detection in NOTD. As difficulty increases, a player's sight range is reduced, increasing the need for vision enhancing tools.

Flares can be used to illuminate an area with heavy sight blockers, distant area where enemies form a choke and/or revealing enemies that are on the high ground or below the players position. Erebos can blind the entire team on Normal or higher difficulties, further increasing flares usage. The Black Ops can also be spotted by well placed flares, and in Easy Company the Dropship that arrives at the end of chapter 1 can be signaled by a flare dropped at the end of the Evac countdown. Road Flares usefulness is only limited by the creativity of the player.

-Illuminates the area under the Marine for 60 seconds
-Gives all players sight of the area
-Provides stealth detection
-Max of 12 Charges
-Reveals all cliff levels. For example, if a hugger is on a ledge above the players (e.g Helipad) should the hugger be withing the illuminty of the flare, the team will have sight of the hugger.
-Everyone in Survival Mode starts with 3 flares.

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