Unit Portrait
Zoombie P
Unit Model
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Seeker
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: Unknown
Armor: 1
Damage: 25
Armor Reduction: 2
Attack Speed: 0.7
Range: Melee
Detection Radius: N/A
Movespeed: 3
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): zoombie
Rarity: Uncommon
Unique Trait: Move Silently

Different Colors

Ability: None
Charge on NM: Yes
Survival Difference: None

Seekers are incredibly fast Zombies that can easily outrun and catch all but the fastest characters. Unlike other enemies, they make no noise as they move and attack. Seekers are also unique in that they come in more than one color. They are not typically seen as part of major hordes in Easy Company. Seekers are typically seen when the colonist ship in the airlock is activated too late to save the colonist. Seekers will sometimes appear during the Mining Site download or replace the Agron pack that attacks during the Airlock Holdout. They also appear in pairs as part of the ambient mob in chapter 2.

In Alpha Company, Seekers will appear as part of the horde in the holdout after Demeter, and while protecting Dr. Tanaka. Cloaked Seekers will also appear once Perses is activated.

Dealing with Seekers can be more problematic than most other enemies, especially for lighter classes. Because of their speed, running away is difficult. Seekers that appear roving around the map commonly travel in pairs, further compounding the problem. One of the best tactics is to wait until they get close, knife them, and move. The speed reduction will render them slow enough to hit from a comfortable range. Because they are often on top of the player before the player can even react, close range weapons like the Flamethrower MK-3, MP9A2 Sub-Machine Gun, P-45 Gauss Pistol, and 590A5 Combat Shotgun are among the best for dealing with them.

It is also important to note that these already fast Zombies will charge on Nightmare mode. Caution is advised.