The article contains Removed Content!
This article's existance is about something which has been completely removed over the course of development.

Edits to this article should only be spelling and grammar corrections.

This event is intended to test the newer player's capacity to listen to the more experienced players and to a lesser degree, the team's ability to plan ahead.

When the mines are started, dozens of sheep will spawn. These sheep will begin to chase the players for roughly 30 seconds. After which they will violently explode, severely injuring or outright killing players caught in the explosions. Players simply need to outrun the sheep to survive. However, text chat is disabled at this time, making it hard to inform new players of the dangers that await. As a result many new players fail to react correctly and die.

More experienced players may choose to knife the sheep to death, it is risky, but yields more in game Experience and is quicker. The sheep are immune to most things except the knife and certain skills (see below).

Skills that can kill SheepEdit

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