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Weapon Statistics
Weapon Name: Shiva
Ammo Consumption: Single Shot Weapon
Item Rarity: Epic
Warhead Health: 500
Base Damage: 40000
Attack Speed: 1
Splash Radius: 30
Range: 45
Reload: None
Equip Time: 3
Weapon Weight: 20
Nickname(s): Shiv
Available in Recruit: No
Unique Trait: Leaves Chemical Wasteland
Unique Trait: Rating Loss when Fired

"Eats Tac Nukes for Breakfast" - Shiva Commercial

The highly-classified Shiva Launcher is capable of destroying almost everything in its path in a 30 radius. No human can survive this.

Use with extreme caution

The Shiva has been removed from NOTD and will be back as a plot themed item.

The rarest, and by far the single strongest weapon or attack in all of Night of the Dead. It has a massive range, and an almost equally massive blast radius. Shivas are found from unique weapon crates that are very large and green/grey in color. A single Shiva will only appear during the Third Chapter of a campaign. It will never appear in the Third Chapter of Recruit. In Survival Mode a Shiva will appear in the opening rounds, as early as Wave 1.

The Shiva is extremely rare and dangerous. It should only be used by experienced players. The weapon itself is almost always used in an anti-boss manner. It does not require direct sight, but seeing the target is always beneficial. The blast has a base damage of up to 40,000 and leaves behind a temporary chemical wasteland after detonation. Any characters or enemies that enter this toxic haze will take 35 damage per second until they escape it or are killed. The firing player will receive a rating loss of -5 when the Shiva is launched.

Note: Shiva damage is unaffected by most skills including the Technician's March of the Machine and the Psi Ops's Inception.

It is possible for a Recon to survive a Shiva blast with Reflexes


Typical Shiva Impact

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