Short Circuit
Short Circuit
Ailment Information
Name: Short Circuit
Effect 1: Energy Lose
Effect 2: Shield Loss
Fatal: No
Visual: Blue Sparks
Duration: 1 Minute
Max Stack: 1
Cure Skill: Repair
Cure Item: None

A simple severing of a wire or malfunction of a device on the Marine due to damage taken will causes the Marines energy systems and shielding unit to malfunction and fail. Power Armor is strong, but not infallible. When short circuited basic functions such as movement and base level combat can still be carried out, but the armor will rapidly drain power for higher level functions.


Any hit has a chance to inflict short circuit. Mercifully the chances are low, but do increase somewhat as difficulty increases. The attacks of mechanical and robotic foes, such as the X-1 Guardian Mk-3 and Nazara do have a markedly higher chance.

Damage Source XP Damage Taken Chance
Non-Friendly Fire Damage >=1000 >10 1/90



Unfortunately, if a cure is not available, players must wait out the effects of short circuit. It takes about a minute and will drain most if not all of the player's energy. The only thing to ease the pain is energy regenerative items and skills, or frequent shielding from a Medic.

Repair BeamEdit

The Repair Beam of the Engineer will instantly cure short circuit, and can even repair your Shields. Make sure to flag down any Engineers on your team to repair you as soon as possible.

Combat HardenedEdit

A speedy use of the skill Combat Hardened from the Delta Commando will cure his own short circuit. However, if he delays too long an no longer has enough Energy to use the skill, then he must wait the full duration or find other means.

Field RetrofitEdit

When the Technician levels the Maintenance Drone to level 3, the drones gain an ability called Field Retrofit. They can use this on allies with Short Circuit to cure them. However, doing so will cost the life of the drone.

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