Ailment Information
Name: Stun
Effect 1: Character is immobile
Effect 2: Character is unresponsive
Fatal: No
Visual: Spinning Circle
Duration: Depends
Max Stack: 1
Cure Skill: None
Cure Item: None

Many player skills will give stun to the enemy, but fewer enemies can give stun back to the player. It takes a very strong attack to stun or otherwise daze a Marine in full Power Armor. When stunned the player will be utterly unresponsive and totally helpless to any enemy attacks.


Monofilament CartridgeEdit

One of the basic skills of the Marksman class. Often referred to simply as "Mono", this powerful linear damage skill will effect anything friend or foe that it comes in contact with. While friendly fire is only 50% damage, the full effects of the stun can be felt. At maximum level a 2 second stun on several players can damn a team. In unskilled hands this is potentially one of the most dangerous, if not the most annoying skill in all of Night of the Dead.

Zombie Queen's ShriekEdit

When at 2/3 and 1/3 health remaining, the Queen lets out a shriek that stuns all players for 7 seconds. Even the soldiers and vehicles of Charlie Company are effected. Only classes protected by the Medic's Nanoshield or Demolitions using Time to Die are safe from the effects.

Demeter's Eye Stare and Mind GraspEdit

When Demeter appears in the early stages of Alpha Company she will either stare with her eyes or grasp into the darkness with her mind. Eye Stare will stun characters she sees for several seconds and Mind Grasp will stun characters she cannot see for several seconds.

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