Unit Portrait
Stalker P
Unit Model
Apollo Tart
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Tartarus
Maximum Health: 9500
Minimum Health: 5000
Armor: 2
Damage: 50, 90 vs Structures
Armor Reduction: 2
Attack Speed: 0.8
Range: 3
Detection Radius:  ?
Movespeed: 1.35
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): Tart, Tartersauce
Rarity: Very Uncommon
Unique Trait: Detector
Ability: Cliffwalk
Charge on NM: Yes
Survival Difference: None

These Tartaruses are not as advanced as the one battled at the Easy Company Airlock. They are much weaker and do not have advanced abilities. It is possible to kite these Tartaruses quite easily or tank them with Reactive Armor or Kinetic Armor.


Easy CompanyEdit

On higher difficulties, Eos the Zombie Queen will occasionally lay a Giant Egg that hatches into a Tartarus. The Protection Assault or Fortitude Demolition should have no problem tanking this Tartarus while the team takes it down.

Apollo Security TeamEdit

A Tartarus will be laying in wait south or south west of the B-Team spawn. If left undisturbed, it will not be an issue. Tartarus will only attack if a player ventures too close. Even then, if the player retreats, the Tartarus will return to its original position.

If the team chooses to engage the Tartarus, it must be fought with Pistols and basic skills unless players are lucky enough to have more powerful weaponry airdrop near them. It may not be possible to kill it before someone rescues team B. In that case, it is best to ignore it or draw it out into the open where there is additional room to kite and less sight blockers.

Three Tartaruses will emerge from Apollo after the post-communications tower horde. They will move 20% faster than other Tartaruses. By this stage in the game, the team will be sufficiently leveled up and have many powerful weapons and armors. Dealing with them should be easy.


A single Tartarus will spawn along with Eileithyia on round 10 of Survival. It is quite slow, and usually Eileithyia is dead by the time Tartarus reaches the team. It should be easy to tank or kite and kill. Occasionally, Tartarus will reach the team during the fight with Eileithyia. Teams typically will be on the Airlock high ground south west of the egg patches commonly referred to as "EC Muta." The combination of Eileithyia's spawns, creep, and Tartarus can easily kill an unsuspecting player.

Traits and AbilitiesEdit


A Tartarus can detect cloaked or burrowed units. Any unit using cloak to avoid enemies should use extreme caution when near a Tartarus.


Tartarus is able to climb up cliffs. This is typically a non-issue when fighting a Tartarus, but any attempt to use high ground against a Tartarus is fruitless.

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