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Text Commands are fast input commands used to display various useful information. Text Commands can be used by typing [Enter] first and then the string that follows:

Game Start CommandsEdit

These commands can only be used during the opening minutes of a game. The time limit fluctuates between 1 to 3 minutes based on game mode and difficulty, so it is best to use them as quickly as possible.

-nm : Enables Nightmare Mode. Can only be enabled by Player 1 in the first 3 minutes of the game.
-nc/-navycross : Removes all Medkits and Bandages from game. Can only be enabled by Player 1 or 2.

Total Game CommandsEdit

These commands can be used any time during a campaign, and can be used as rapidly as one cares to type them. Commands with a # means you have type a player number in the place of the # to use the command.

-s/-save : Saves your current in-game progress to your bank file (note that a save button has been added recently and this text command will eventually be removed in the future once it is deemed that players are more familiar with the save button).
-a/-ammo : Displays team-mates current equipped magazine count and total magazines used.
-sq/-squad : Shows the teams average Rating (Squad Rating), average Experience and the Game Difficulty.
-cp # : Shows the player's current Class Proficiency Points.
-w #/-wins # : Displays total number of wins for the player to all players in the current game. Categorized by Storyline and Mode.
-vk #/-votekick # : Creates a vote to kick a player by their player number. This can only be done by players with 2,000 experience and 1600 rating or more. 3 players are needed to vote to kick a player.
-c/-clear : Clears any text on the screen.
-civs : Displays current number of rescued Civilians.
-gbuddy # : Assigns player owned Forward Observer to follow a selected unit when Gunship is active.

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