The Moon
Planet Statistics
Planet Name: Luna
Common Name: The Moon
Planet Type: Mining World
Population: 33,000
Terrain: Rocky, Barren, Crags

Earth's only moon, known almost universally as "the moon." For much human history this cold rock hanging in the sky was an unreachable destinations. It took on roles as a time keeper, a navigator, and even a God. This perception was first shattered on July 20, 1969 when several American astronauts set foot on the Moon for the first time in human history. Several missions followed until the end of the Space Race. It was not until 2008 that humanity looked towards the moon as a source of fuel. India and China both had goals to eventually begin the mining of Helium-3, but global economic and political unrest put this on hold until 2068, when the UGC began mining operations in earnest with their recently established Apollo Mining Colony.

Currently the Moon boasts just over 33,000 residents. It also processes hundreds of immigrants heading to the recently established colony on Mars. Most of the lunar population is centered around the colony of Apollo. However, two other large colonies exist at the polar ice caps, taking full advantage of the sunlight available.

Primarily a mining planet, the moon processes and exports Helium-3 to fuel the ever growing energy demands of Earth. As a result the planet and its mining corporations have become very lucrative, leading many large industries to look towards the moon as a source of even greater wealth.

The game takes place on the Apollo Mining Colony, which has been cut off of contact from the outside world by a Solar Flare. Many of its civilians have become infected by a mysterious virus and mutated into Zombies. The UGC has sent in an expeditionary team to investigate...

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