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The Red Solstice
Basic Info
Developer: Ironward
Game Name: The Red Solstice
Genre: Cooperative strategic
Multiplayer top-down shooter
Platform: PC Only
Release Date: 2012 - TBA
Distribution: Digital Download
Important Links
Official Website:
Official Forum:
Steam Greenlight: [1]
Multiplayer Trailer: Youtube Channel
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IndieGoGo Red Solstice Campaign


The Red Solstice is a PC strategic, team-based action shooter from the top-down perspective with a strong focus on unique and cooperative multi-player.


The singleplayer campaign is focused on a marine called Tyler Hunt and his squad, designated as “Unit Black Light”. They are sent to investigate a communications failure in the Tharsis colony on Mars. This portion of the game has a story that expands over to the multiplayer and provides information and tips for every class available.


The Red Solstice primarily focuses on multiplayer. After you find a team to play with, land in one of the 6 available sectors with your team or “accidentally” separated, gather as much supplies as you can, team up and prepare for zombie waves.

You need to complete various (randomized) mission chains in that sector for valuable bonuses and stay alive so you can evacuate by a drop-ship. You will need to explore the surroundings, adapt to the enemy and create a correct tactic to counter the specific and unique situation, and you can move and explore where and what you want without restrictions, even change sectors!


Intense multiplayer for up to 8 players – The Red Solstice multiplayer mode features constant, intense action and demands players' full attention and focus at all times.

Dynamic Light System

Power up street lights, turn them off, prevent EMP bombs from disabling the lights around you and much more...

Replay Value

Over 50 randomly generated missions spread across the map ensure an almost unique experience with each match, different zombies in different sectors, and randomized lights in each sectors so you have to.

Great Emphasis on Teamwork and Tactics

Within multiplayer games, strategic, tactical decisions and teamwork will determine the outcome (scout your enemy, plan your movements, prepare and execute your tactics).

Eight Playable Characters

8 unique and distinct character classes – each with its own unique roles, advantages and disadvantages.

Ranks and Medals

35 different ranks and 35 unique medals earned through multiplayer play.

Fully Customizable Characters

45 unique skills, 80 armor components to use with your Combat Suits along with carious types of power-ups for your combat suit.

15 Singleplayer Missions

The Red Solstice singleplayer campaign features 15 different missions spanning over 6 distinct colony sectors.

Epic Storyline

Between 8 combat suits, the player will assume the roles of important characters and follow the storyline from several perspectives. The storyline continues in multiplayer mode.

Quote: Zombie killing business is popular these days, care to join?

Alpha Invitation

Quoted from Syrus, in this thread:

"We will pick 20-50 testers until the end of February (there are currently around 20 testers already).

To have a chance to become a tester, you need to do the following!

  1. Like our facebook page
  2. Support us on Greenlight
  3. Join the newsletter at
  4. Register at our forums
  5. Tell people about it, the more referrals you have, the better the chance you get picked (we will reward you for spreading the news and maybe even give you 2 access keys instead of one!)
  6. Answer the question: What do you think what is The Red Solstice about, this will give us information on how well we presented TRS to you, and that's the feedback we need! Send your answer by private message to TRS facebook page!

Note: At this moment, there is a high chance you WILL get picked if you do all of the above. - The question is, do you want to be among the first 50 marines that get the job done?"

Alpha cover2

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