Night of the Dead uses a custom user interface that bears little resemblance to the default UI used in StarCraft 2. The UI is streamlined to allow for maximum visibility as well as being stylized to further differentiate it from other custom games.

Night of the Dead User InterfaceEdit


Note: If the user interface is radically updated, please replace this image with a similar, current version.

  • 1. Objectives Tab: Displays both main objectives and active side missions and optional objectives.
  • 2. Player Characters: Player marines, the main heroes of Night of the Dead.
  • 3. Alliance Button: Used primarily to give control of your character during a leave of absence.
  • 4. Team Display: Shows all allied players character, talent tree, health, ailments, experience, and rank.
  • 5. Friends Button: Used to manage chat channels, private and party chat, and other button functions.
  • 6. Command Card: Displays character abilities, secondary marine actions found by pressing X.
  • 7. Equip/Drop: Controls whether inventory items will be used or dropped, sometimes unresponsive.
  • 8. Ammo Counter: Shows remaining ammo in the current magazine and total magazines remaining.
  • 9. Equipment Panel: Activated by clicking the character button, shows all equipped items.
  • 10: Chat Log: Shows allied chat, private and party chat, as well as in game NPC text.
  • 11: Mini-Map & Game-timer: Shows the recent positions of in game units*, records elapsed game time
  • 12: Chapter Display: Shows the current Chapter or Survival wave, only appears briefly.
*Mini Map is persistent is Recruit and Easy Difficulties.

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