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Item Information
Item Name: Thermal Sights
Rarity: Uncommon
Influences: Sight
Bundle Size: 1
Maximum Stack: 1
Weight: 2

Thermals Sights are a rare Marine Modification that integrates thermal imaging hardware into the Marine's Powered Armor's Visor, allowing him to see in wavelengths beyond the normal human spectrum. However, this technology is not compatible with natural Perception or Psionically gifted senses. This advanced piece of tech is perfect for detecting cloaked enemies as well as the residual heat signatures of burrowed threats. This item has few uses in the early stages of a campaign, especially Easy Company, other than burrowed Infestors or Agrons. It is invaluable however, later, during chapter 2 when the Black Ops attack. A thermal sight is always dropped alongside the ammo cache at the LZ at the end of Chapter 1. Thermals are the most reliable means of seeing, and killing, the Black Ops units from afar. 2 sets are always found in Apollo for this very reason. In Alpha Company, the main use it to protect against Wraiths, although Ivax has been known to cloak himself, if only briefly.

It is best to equip Thermal Sights on your damage dealing classes, as vision is not shared in NOTD for active players. A DPS will benefit more from being able to see a Black Ops operative, for example, as they will be able to kill it much quicker than a Tank will due to the fact that a Tank class does not need to be able to see what is attacking him to soak the damage from it whereas a DPS will need to see something to be able to kill it.

An important fact to remember is that Perception and Thermal Sight do not stack. The mechanics behind this are that the game simply goes for the higher value if both are available. If you have Perception maxed out, then you do not need to equip a Thermal Sight, as you already have innate stealth detection.
Another fact to remember is that Leavers have Team Vision - that is to say, all team members can see what the Leaver sees. In the event of someone dropping, immediately put a Thermal on them - it will result in mobile, team-shared stealth detection.

Grants 9 range of 360 degree detection.
Stacks with other multiple thermal sights.
Does not stack with Perception.

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