Unit Model
Spec Ops Dropship
Ally Statistics
Unit Name: UGC Dropship
Health: 1000
Armor: 15
Movespeed: 2.75
Type Classification

The UGC Dropship is the backbone of their troop deployment, capable of rapidly transporting an entire squad of marines straight into the heart of any battlefield. While the Dropship lacks any offensive countermeasures, they are thickly armored and can shrug off incredible amounts of damage.

Easy CompanyEdit

A dropship piloted by CWO Hussein arrives at the end of Chapter 1 to evac the marines. However, it reports broken distress signals from survivors within Apollo. This conflicts with General Koller's earlier report stating there are no survivors. Easy Company decides to forgo evac and settles for taking all the ammunition the Dropship was loaded with before a large swarm of Gargoyles forces Hussein to retreat back to command.

Alpha CompanyEdit

Alpha Company arrives aboard their own Dropship. This serves as their Credit Store as well as campaign starting point. Alpha Company quickly leaves the area and is never able to return to their Dropsip. Because of the dropship's existence in Easy Company, it is possible that Alpha was wiped out, and thus never returned to their ship.

Apollo Security TeamEdit

A Dropship arrives to Evac the Apollo Security Team in their Route A campaign. However, the Black Ops lie in wait and ambush the marines. The dropship is shot down and the Security Team is killed off one by one.

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