Weapon Stats have to be purchased by a shop. 1 Weapon Stat point costs 10,000 Credits and requires the player to be of 5000xp or more to purchase. Once a Weapon Stat point has been purchased, it is permanent. Note that Weapon Mods can be changed to the users' liking, in much the same manner as Stat Points. They are changeable up until a certain event in the respective campaign.

The way in which the system works is a player buys a point to be able to offset (decrease) 1 attribute of their weapons. Once 1 attribute has been offset a point becomes available to increase another attribute. E.g. Should you decide to offset your Range then you are free to increase any other attribute.

-A decrease takes away 5% from the attribute
-An increase adds 5% to the attribute
-A maximum of 4 points can be used to decreased an attribute
-A maximum of 4 points can be used to increase an attribute


Attack Speed
Reload Speed
Switch Speed
Weight (+/- 7.5%)


Weapons that do not have splash will not be affected by the splash increase, such as the M45 Marksman Rifle and Barrett M112.

Damage Weapon ModificationEdit

Any skill that boosts a marine's damage has the damage mods boost (or loss) factored in after other modifiers.