Weapon Modifications in NOTD2 work much more differently than their NOTD1 counterparts. Instead of operating similar to stat points, they now have their own unique system. First of all, all players now have access to weapon mods from the very beginning of the game. They do not require 5000exp anymore to begin purchasing. However, the bonuses they confer are now more limited, and it isn't as possible to create extremely powerful guns with few drawbacks. The system will include more trade offs than before.

Modification SlotsEdit

Each player has three weapon modification slots, otherwise known as Mod Slots. Each weapon mod uses up a certain number of slots, based on its strength and cost. Currently the cap is three slots, but various medals or credit store purchases may increase this as time progresses.

One Slot ModsEdit

These weapon mods are the most common, or the weakest in role. Each one only requires one free mod slot to equip.

Reduced WeightEdit

Decreases the weapon weight, which helps improve movespeed.

Reduced Weapon Switch TimeEdit

Reduces the switch time between weapons, allowing players to quickly change guns.

Increased RangeEdit

Increases weapon range, allowing players to kill targets from greater distance.

Increased Splash RadiusEdit

Increases the size of a weapon's splash damage, allowing more targets to be hit.

Reduced Setup TimeEdit

Decreases the set up time of certain weapons, allowing players to quickly set up or tear down.

Two Slot ModsEdit

These weapon mods are much less common, and midrange in terms of effectiveness. They require two free mod slots to equip.

Reduced Reload TimeEdit

Increases reloading speed, making reloads faster and boosting overall dps.

Increased Attack SpeedEdit

Speeds up weapon attack speed, allowing more attacks in the same period of time.

Increased Splash DamageEdit

Increases the damage splash deals, causing greater damage to targets hit by splash.

Reduced Noise LevelEdit

Makes the weapon quieter, reducing how much attention it draws when fired.

Increased Magazine SizeEdit

Increases magazine size by 10 bullets per magazine, allowing more shots per reload.

Three Slot ModsEdit

These weapon mods are the rarest and most powerful. They require all three mod slots to be available to equip.

Increased Weapon DamageEdit

Increases physical damage of a weapon, giving it greater killing power.

Increased Ability DamageEdit

Increases the player's ability damage, increasing the power of their offensive skills.

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