Weapons play a vital role in Night of the Dead; unlike a melee game, your hero can switch between weapons to fit the current combat situation. A player may only equip a single weapon at a time, but may carry as many spares in his/her inventory as they wish. Often, rarer weapons are given to the classes whose skills best utilize them, as is often the case with weapons such as the Barrett M112 and XM814 Heavy Machine Gun.

Starting WeaponsEdit


Easy Company readies their weapons and armor

Easy Company & Alpha CompanyEdit

Both these campaigns are UGC military operations, and as a result all classes come equipped with their appropriate starting weapon.

Apollo Security TeamEdit

In the Apollo Security Team Campaign, all players spawn with nothing but Gauss Pistols. They are ill equipped security staff, and must scavenge better equipment from around the map and raid the Armory.

Fire and ExplosivesEdit

The following Weapons and Skills listed as either fire type, or explosives, and are therefore bolstered in power by HE Ammo and Fire Vulnerability.




Forward ObserverEdit





Weapons Stat RubricEdit

  • Damage: Base Damage delivered by the weapon
  • Attack Speed: Based off normal attack speed units, smaller is better
  • Modifiers: Damage bonuses/penalties against different unit types
  • Biological
  • Light
  • Armored
  • Massive
  • Psionic
  • Heroic
  • Mechanical
  • Structure
  • Splash radius: Size of splash damage area
  • Range: Distance weapon may fire. *May extend beyond sight range
  • Reload Time: In seconds, time to reload the weapon.
  • Equip Time: In seconds, time it takes to equip this weapon
  • Weight: Weight points added to speed deduction for this weapon
Rifleman and Commando have 50% reduced equip time
Weapons reload 30% faster if manually reloaded before completely empty

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