Weapons is a default ability found on the Command Card that removes the movement bonus of Hold Fire but allows the Marine to fire and use skills normally. The Marine raises his weapon to a fire ready stand. In doing so he can no longer move about the terrain with the same degrees of freedom as he could with his weapon holstered. The Marine now must divert attention away from menial things and focus instead of the objects in front of him. Proper firing technique, careful observation for allies or civilians, and threat assessment force the marine to move at a slower pace.

Leaving Weapons Free StanceEdit

The only way to leave Weapons Free is to use the Hold Fire command. This is designated by the Hold Fire hotkeys, (Marine Action "X", then "F").

Other InformationEdit

Weapons Free has no cooldown, can be instantly disabled by a set of commands, and does not require energy, unlike Sprint.

Hotkeyed to the Marine Actions (X), then the G button.
Allows free use of all weapons and skills.
Removes movement increase caused by Hold Fire.

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