Unit Portrait
X-1 P
Unit Model
X-1 Guardian
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: X-1 Guardian
Maximum Health: unknown
Minimum Health: 5 Shield
100 Health
Armor: 1
Damage: Mk-1 12, 16 vs Massive
Mk-2 16, 20 vs Massive
Mk-3 24, 32 vs Massive
Armor Reduction: 0
Attack Speed: 1.4
Range: 9
Detection Radius: N/A
Movespeed: Mk-1 2.3
Mk-2 2.25
Mk-3 2.2
Type Classification
Other Information
Nickname(s): X-1
Rarity: Unique
Unique Trait: Produced by Nazara
Ability: None
Charge on NM: No
Survival Difference: None

The X-1 Guardian Class combat droid is a robotic, remote controlled, land based combat droid. It's a prized possession of Combat Engineers. The technical skill of HAL's prototype Compliance Nexus, Nazara, is also capable of constructing these droids. The X-1s primary weapon is its quadramount lasers that fire thorium bolts designed to hit large objects. The high penetration bolts will completely bypass armor, and therefore the X-1s make confronting Nazara all the more dangerous.

There are several varieties of X-1 Guardians, the Mk-1, Mk-2, and Mk-3. Each level has a more powerful attack than the previous model. Enemy X-1 Guardians are only found during the battle with Nazara. They are fairly weak. However, they become particularly difficult to deal with should Nazara use its ability, Assume Direct Control. The X-1s health will increase exponentially, and it will become Rampaged.


Large numbers of enemy X-1 Guardian Mk-2s will attack as part of Survival Mode round 37, Rise of the Machines. They can be quite dangerous, and typically players choose to fight them from high ground while attempting to deny vision to all Machines. Be advised, some X-1 Guardian Mk-2s will be cloaked, so some form of detection is needed to reveal them.

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