Z Effect
Open Wound
Ailment Information
Name: Z Effect
Effect 1: Reduces movespeed by 0.01 until immobile
Effect 2: Disables Hold Position Command
Fatal: No
Visual: Unknown
Duration: 15 Seconds
Max Stack: 1
Cure Skill: None
Cure Item: None

The Z Effect is a unique ailment only found during Survival Mode in wave 35. It rapidly decreases the affected marine's movespeed to 0.01 eventually causing the marine to halt altogether. The marine may still attack and use skills however any form of movement is mostly disabled. The Z effect also removes the "Hold Position" command from the affected marine's command card. The Z effect lasts for roughly 15 seconds and can affect multiple targets at any one time. Z Effect can be distinguished visually by an status effect similar to Envenomed.

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