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Zombie Eggs
Enemy Statistics
Enemy Name: Eggs
Maximum Health: Unknown
Minimum Health: Unknown
Armor: Unknown
Type Classification


There is a large clutch of eggs present in the Airlock. These can be seen as early as the Apollo Security Team Campaign. They are apparently laid by the large number of Brood Mothers that defend the area when it is attacked by Easy Company during the Destroy the Zombie Eggs mission. On both Alpha and the Security Team Campaigns, these eggs are merely decorative.


The Airlock boss Eileithyia lays eggs as a primary means of attack. These eggs will breed either Zombies, Gargoyles, or Banelings depending on her color. It is best to kill them with the Flamethrower MK-3 or if available, the 590A5 Combat Shotgun. On Nightmare they are fairly strong and can be problematic.

Eos the Zombie QueenEdit

Eos the Zombie Queen will lay eggs almost constantly which hatch into Infested Marines.


Deimos also lays eggs at set intervals. These spawn his unique Minions.


Infestors lay eggs on Normal difficulty or higher if provoked. These eggs will hatch into a combination Blindlings and Banelings.

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